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OnePlus phone doesn’t have advertised zoom tech (again) (Latest version)

The OnePlus 7 Pro deserved praise from reviewers, but we thought photo quality was one of the most important weak spots in us review. Now it seems that OnePlus may have misled its search capability.

Reddit user ImKuya discovered that there were differences when switching from portrait mode to 3x telephoto zoom camera. The user found that portrait mode shots were zoomed out (2.2x) and 13MP, while the 3x zoom option did indeed show 3x zoom and 8MP.

We can confirm this by placing the different camera files over each other (see below).

Obviously there is a decrease in the megapixel count and the 3x zoom image is clearly a crop. Note, however, that it is not completely in line and that it is bad, indicating that there is a little more than simple upgrading here. About it in a minute.

OnePlus 7 Pro 3x camera zoom delivers on 2.2x optical zoom

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The OnePlus 7 Pro telecom camera is a 13MP sensor (SK53M5). But OnePlus advertises the camera as 8MP 3x optical zoom. In other words, it seems that OnePlus uses the sensor's native 2.2x zoom factor for portraits, but cuts the sensor for 3x zoom (therefore, reduces resolution in the process).

In a statement Android Central, the company managed to get it & x39; 3x optical zoom & # 39; and say it achieved 3x zoom with & # 39; no digital zoom or detail loss. & # 39;

The OnePlus 7 Pro has 3x zoom without digital zoom or loss of detail. The tele camera has two main goals: 3x zoom and portrait fashion photography. This will change the display area depending on the camera mode. With a 3x zoom, the telephoto camera offers the advertised loose 8 megapixel images. Portrait mode already uses 13 megapixels of the sensor in the telephoto camera.

Note that OnePlus does not claim optical zoom in the statement, but rather "lossless 8 megapixels images. "The difference is subtle, but important. This is despite the fact that the official OnePlus 7 Pro specification page Clearly called optical 3x zoom.

oneplus 7 pro camera spec sheet

How does OnePlus reach loose zoom?

OnePlus 7 Pro cameras with logo

So what's going on here? according to Digital camera world, OnePlus seems to use a "compilation of image data" from the 48MP sensor and the optical zoom lens to create its digital shots. We tested it by looking at three pictures from a tripod on 2.2x, 3x, and the portrait (bokeh). The images below are 100% crops.

OnePlus 7 Pro 2.2x Zoom Main Camera Crop
OnePlus 7 Pro 2.2x Zoom Bokeh Camera Crop
OnePlus 7 Pro 3x zoom Main camera crop

Clearly, the optical zoom camera used in portrait mode delivers much more detail than the 2.2x digital zoom of the main camera used in the standard photo. What makes you wonder why the optical lens is also not used at 2.2x in the photo mode. Regardless, the 3x photo mode zoom retains the most detail of the optical camera, but apparently the main camera uses to improve color balance and noise. It doesn't look as complicated as Huawei's Hybrid Zoom, but there are definite signs of a compound processing approach.

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The results are clearly pretty good, but it is doubtful that OnePlus should advertise the phone with 3x optical zoom or a 3x telephoto camera. Huawei usually avoids it for its phones, promoting the native zoom factor (3x or 5x) and using "hybrid zoom" branding differently.

This is not the first time the firm has been caught for misleading marketing than the company OnePlus 5 is advertised as a 2x telephoto zoom camera. it later emerged that it has a 1.6x tele-camera, using digital zoom and multi-frame capture to reach the 2x factor. We contacted OnePlus to explain its search capabilities and will update the article accordingly.

In the end, the subtle distinction between optical and loose zoom technology does not make much of the average consumer. Just like benchmark counts really. what do matter is creating the negative perception debacle like this.

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