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Oppo shows off in-display selfie camera on smartphone, but when is it coming? (Latest version)


It looks like several smart phone ears have moved under the display, like the earplug and fingerprint scanner. In-display selfie cameras can now be the holy grail, and Oppo showed a video demonstrating technology on global hardware.

In a video posted on Twitter, the company shows the top half of a smartphone. From there, an Oppo employee activates the selfie camera, takes a photo and then obscures the camera with the finger.

We don't get a good look at the photo taken by the in-screen selfie camera, but it will be a key factor in determining if Oppo is in front of the curve. After all, what is the point of this technology if the results are much worse than a normal selfie shooter?

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Oppo is not the only company that wants to bring selfie camera technology to life, as Samsung has previously confirmed its intention to do so. But the Korean firm reported suggested That technology is still about a year away from launching in a commercially available smartphone. If Oppo can actually hit the Korean firm, it will be a big feather in his cap.

A selfie camera under the screen will allow phone manufacturers to create a full screen smartphone without the necessity of carving, punching holes, pop-up selfie cameras, or moving designs. Do you want to buy a phone with a phone camera? Let us know in the comments!

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