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Plan Picks: BOGO on Google Pixel 3 or 3 XL from Verizon (Latest version)

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Today we have the latest Sprint Flex Lease jewelry, and & nbsp; buy one, get a Verizon deal what it can do Save you more than $ 1,000. That's where we start.

Verizon BOGO Pixel 3 or 3 XL

Verizon offers $ 800 in account credit if you buy two Google Pixel 3 or 3 XL cellphone. It's the equivalent of getting a Pixel 3 free, so the BOGO promotion. Certainly, this means that you slowly retrieve the money you paid for the second handset, but it's a big savings to make.

Better still, you can combine this promotion with the $ 300 savings Already offered at & nbsp; a Pixel 3. Overall, you can finally pay just $ 500 for two Pixel 3 handsets worth a combined $ 1,600.

Just $ 500 for two handsets worth a combined $ 1600.

There are, of course, some examples. You need to have approved credit, and you need at least one new service line for the second hand device. The savings you make are & # 39; an account credit over a 24-month cycle.

To see the transactions and full details, find the Pixel 3 on the Verizon page via the link below.

Sprint Flex Lease savings

We are supporters of the Sprint Flex Lease system. You do not keep the phone after you upgrade, but you always have the latest flagship at an excellent rate.

Samsung Galaxy S10 left profile

The latest price decline on the Flex lease is the Samsung Galaxy S10. Instead of the regular rental rate of $ 37.50 a month, you can get one now just $ 15 a month.

As with almost all of these transactions, a new service line is needed, and the savings you make are applied to the account credit on an 18-month Flex Lease. However, you can upgrade to the latest Galaxy model only after 12 months.

To see the full details of this good offer, press the button below.

There are other great Flex Lease savings to be included LG G8 ThinQ – with a retail value of $ 840 – for just $ 8 a month. It's almost a quarter of the regular Flex Lease rate on this smartphone.

Check out this deal and more for yourself sprint by clicking the button below.

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