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Pokémon Go Plus vs Poké Ball Plus vs Go-tcha: Which is the ultimate Pokémon Go accessory? (Latest version)


When the Pokémon Go Plus Launched in 2016 for the first time, offers great benefits to the hordes of Pokémon Go fans around the world. With the simple push of a button you can catch Pokémon or turn Pokéstops without taking out your phone.

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But now there are other Pokémon Go accessories that do the same thing – or better. The Poké Ball Pluslaunched with Pokémon Let's Go in 2018, offers the same Pokémon capture capabilities as the original Pokémon Go Plus in a cool Poké Ball format. The Go-cha is a much more discrete wristband that automates the process, so you don't even have to press the button. There's even one Pokemon Go Plus + in the works, although we do not yet have full details about it.

Any of these will make a big difference in your Pokémon Go experience, but which one should you choose? We split the benefits of each below.

Pokémon Go Plus – The dated original

Pokemon Go Plus

If you want an easy way to speed up your Pokémon Go progress without losing the Poké essence, the Pokémon Go Plus is the device for you. It features a plastic building that shouts: "I play Pokémon Go", so it's also a great way to meet fellow players on the street.

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When & # 39; a Pokémon or Pokéstop is near, the device will vibrate and light so the Pokémon Go Plus can be easily used. The light indicates whether it is a new or double Pokémon, and with the push of the button the Pokéstop will turn or throw a single Pokébal. If the first Pokébal fails, the Pokémon escapes.

It looks like it's a kid just throwing a Pokébal (and never a football or higher), but it's worth mentioning that both of the other devices on this list (the Poké Ball Plus and the Go-tcha) the same work. way. You will need to drag your phone to use berries or better types of Pokéballs.

The Pokémon Go Plus battery is a major drawback.

The worst part of the Pokémon Go Plus is the battery. It comes with a single CR2032 battery, and you need to buy a new battery to keep it fun. You can buy a new Pokémon Go Plus battery here, but it's an extra effort in the age of rechargeable devices.

It is noteworthy that, although it is not yet available, there is a Pokémon Go Plus + (yes it is plus plus) en route. It looks like the original, if it's a little more stylish. It will also work as a drag tracker for the upcoming game Pokémon Sleep. Stay in the near future for more details on this new Pokémon Go device.

For now, the Pokémon Go Plus is going to cost you $ 35, which isn't too expensive if you're really invested in the game. It comes with the device, a Pokémon theme band and a single battery. Click on the link below to learn more.

Poké Ball Plus – The Pokémon enthusiast's choice

Poke Ball Plus Pokemon Go

If you want to keep an official device with a little more Pokémon flair than the Pokémon Go Plus, consider the Poké Ball Plus. It's a small, Poké Ball-shaped device that makes you feel like a real Pokémon coach. Children (and the 90-year-old child in us all) will love it.

In addition to a control stick for Let & # 39; s Go, Pikachu and Let & # 39; s Go, Eevee on the Nintendo switch, the Poké Ball Plus does much the same as the Pokémon Go Plus when using Bluetooth on you phone connected. It vibrates and lights up when & # 39; a Pokémon is close, and with the push of the button, a single Poké Ball will begin to capture it.

The Poké Ball Plus has a rechargeable battery and makes you like a Pokémon trainer (kinda).

In addition, the Poké Ball plus has a 220mAh rechargeable battery, which is used for about 3 hours with the Nintendo Switch. With Pokémon Go it will take a little longer, but it still has to be charged every few days, depending on usage.

The Poké Ball Plus is a little more expensive than the Pokémon Go Plus at $ 50. Learn more by clicking on the button below.

Go-tcha – The little-maxer's dream

Pokemon Go Gotcha

The final Pokémon Go accessories on the list deal with cute Pokémon aesthetics for pure utilitarianism. It looks and feels like a Fitbit-style fitness tracker, but it offers important features that the Pokémon Go Plus and the Poké Ball Plus do not.

The Go-cha Connects to your phone just like any other accessory, and is even recognized by the game as a Pokémon Go Plus. Instead of pushing the button to capture a Pokémon or turning a Poké stop, it does so automatically. This means that you can lie around all day to catch and stop Pokémon without being distracted.

There is no better way to avoid and grind Stardust than the Go-tcha.

There really is no better way to hone Stardust and experience than the Go-tcha. Some may argue that this is all the fun from Pokémon Go, but it really only gets lean. You can still trade with your friends, fight with other coaches, attack, and so on. Plus, the rechargeable battery can last for a week or more at a single charge.

It is also much more unobtrusive. It fits nicely under a dress shirt so you don't have to be shy to wear it to work. There are even plain black and white bands to make them look like any other fitness band. Your boss will never be the wiser.

The only catch is that the Go-tcha is made by a third party, Datel. It is not officially supported by the developers of Pokémon Go, though it has worked for thousands of users for years without a single ban. Be aware that there are some sketchy knockout versions available, so make sure you buy it from a trusted source, such as the one linked below.

Final thoughts

So, which one of the three is right for you? Well, it depends on how you want to use it. Any of the three will give you a great advantage when it comes to starting Pokémon.

The original Pokémon Go Plus is nice because it is cheap and officially supported, plus it can warn as a way to meet other Pokémon Go players. The Poké Ball Plus offers a similar experience, but with a role-playing turn. The rechargeable battery also eliminates the need for expensive and difficult to find batteries.

But if you really want to make the most of your playing time, get it Go-cha. This is by far the best way to manage and place, so you can easily handle the most difficult raids. This may change with the launch of the Pokémon Go Plus +, but it is best scared of your money.

It's all for our guide to the best Pokemon Go accessories. What device do you recommend? Let us know in the comments below!