Price drop! Half off this LED smart bulb and Bluetooth speaker combo (Latest version)

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Your smart home just got a little smarter. The Sangled Pulse LED Smart Bulb and JBL Bluetooth Speaker fill a room in your home soothing body and crystal clear sound.

this innovative energy-saving bowl has 13 watt JBL Bluetooth speakers built-in directly. It's a good time to also grab some, because at this time you can & # 39; 50 percent off.

The LED smart light bulb creates ambient light controlled by the mobile app. You can also set your own dimension as well as adjust the volume and set the level mode with the fingertips. The future is here.

The bulbs Turn directly into your existing light fixtures without extra wires or plugs. Installation is literally as easy as screw in a light bulb. You can enjoy yourself play anywhere in your home, while the energy-saving aspect save your money on your power bill.

The LED smart bulb comes in red and white. it usually sell for $ 99.99 for a pack of two, but today's half-price agreement will get you a few only $ 49.99.

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