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Price drop! True-wireless bone conduction earphones now just $40 (Latest version)

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Time for something & # 39; a little different at AAPicks. This futuristic leg guide earphones from Rawtronics is offered for not $ 39.99 today.

You may wonder if leg guide earphones really works. In fact, they do, and this is not actually witchcraft. Sound is just vibrations of the air. By vibrating your tab, you can listen to your music while listening to these headphones Keep your ears free.

It's comfortable, and it's game-changing.

There are some obvious benefits to this technology. For example, they Protect your drums and avoid the inconvenience of having something in your ear. More importantly, you can still hear what's going on around you.

Genuine wireless headphone earphones

Sure, sometimes you want to stick out the world, but sometimes it's risky. For example, if you're riding a bike, you can listen to your music with these headphones while you're not being hit by a bus. Or you can walk and enjoy your songs while still in your area.

You can even enjoy listening to a podcast without accusing you of ignoring your spouse.

If you have the idea to relive your listening experience, your timing can't be better. Today this true wireless leg guidance headphones from Rawtronics is offered. Available in four colors, the super lightweight and ergonomic earphones keep your ears free, and there is not a thread in sight.

This futuristic obedience goes for $ 50 on the manufacturer's website, but now you have the chance to choose a few not $ 39.99. The offer lasts just a few days though, don't miss your chance.

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