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Report details just what Samsung is doing to update the Galaxy Fold (Latest version)

After early review units began to break, Samsung released its first foldable device, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, and promised to work to address the breakdown problems. Now we have a report from South Korea Yonhap News (via SamMobile) that gives us our first look at what Samsung can do to address these issues.

The two biggest problems with the Samsung Galaxy Fold were the protective film covering the inner screen and the gap between the display and the device's folding hinge. Reviewers have mistakenly pulled off the protective layer, causing some devices to malfunction, and the hinge gap causes dust and other particles to pollute the very sensitive OLED display.

For the protective layer problem, Samsung is allegedly integrating the edges of the film into the body of the device itself. If that is true, it will make it harder for consumers to accidentally pull off the protective layer.

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Regarding the hinge, the report simply suggests that Samsung is reducing the size of the gap. This may mean that Samsung eliminates the gap, or it may simply be smaller and therefore less likely to collect debris.

Finally, there will probably also be more warnings and safety statements with the Samsung Galaxy Fold to educate consumers on how to handle this new type of device.

We came out to Samsung about confirming or denying these reports and will update the article if we return.

In the meantime, what do you think of this potential progress? Will these fixes make you more comfortable buying a fold? Or has the damage already been done? Let us know in the comments.

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