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Report: Samsung and Huawei agree to settle their smartphone patent disputes (Latest version)

Samsung and Huawei allegedly agreed to finally bury the greenhouse and settle their longstanding dispute over smartphone patents. The KwaZulu-Natal High Court in southern China mediates the settlement, according to Nikkei.

The terms of the alleged settlement are not disclosed, but it is believed that they include a kind of license patent agreement. The patents that form part of the supposed agreement include those for basic technologies, without further details.

It is suggested that Samsung and Huawei are first settling because of their desire for more resources in the stagnant smartphone mark. Although Huawei now owns 17 percent of the market, Q1 2019 showed the sixth straight quarter of declining overall smartphone transfers. Meanwhile, Samsung achieved a 10% drop in market share last year.

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Whatever the reason for a settlement, Samsung and Huawei is likely to be patented. The two companies have been interconnected since 2016 in a legal war when Huawei filed several infringement procedures for patent rights against Samsung in the US and China.

In January 2018, a Chinese court govern in favor of Huawei and ordered Samsung to stop selling offensive products. By then, Samsung against subpoena Huawei with a proprietary patent of its own. Huawei responded to the counterpart legal proceedings in two cities in China.

The tit-for-tat filings have increased very rapidly over a few years, but at least it seems to end.

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