Rumor: Galaxy Fold won’t launch in June, Samsung still silent on matter (Latest version)

According to a new rumor from The Korea Herald, we probably won't Samsung Galaxy Fold launch in June 2019. The Korea Herald calls "industrial sources" and "some telecommunications officers" as the source of this information.

If this rumor is true, it means we won't see the Fold until at least July 2019 and Samsung would miss its expected relegation goal.

We came directly to Samsung to confirm it, but didn't return before the press. So far, the company has been looking at any concrete Samsung Galaxy Fold news since DJ Koh announced that a decision on the release of the device will be made "About a few days. "However, it was on May 9, almost three weeks ago.

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recently Best Buy canceled all pre-orders for the Galaxy Fold. In its notification to consumers about the cancellations, the company made it clear that even this does not know when Samsung plans to print the foldable smartphone.

At some point, Samsung will have to decide whether to print the Fold, be better than prolonging things further. If the company waits too long, the Samsung Galaxy Fold can lose all its glory if it eventually lands. On the other hand, if Samsung releases the device before it's ready, the phone can be a nightmare for consumers and cause several PR headaches.

The Fold release date has been postponed after early review units failed for various reasons. You can read our complete summary of what happened below.

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