Samsung can’t be complacent with Huawei out of the picture for now (Latest version)

2019 was like Huawei's year, which came out of a very successful 2018 and carried that momentum in the new year. The firm has just passed apple second place in global shipping through multiple accounts, and has & # 39; n high target of passing Samsung in 2019.

Unfortunately, it took everything a signed executive order in the US for the Chinese manufacturer to cause a staggering blow. The US trade ban cut off Huawei's software and hardware component offerings, with key partners such as Google and arm No longer allowed to handle the firm. One particular smartphone manufacturer is the big winner because of Huawei's accident – Samsung.

Samsung vs Huawei in the wheel

Huawei P30 Pro on stairs

apple Perhaps Samsung's arch-fighter has been over for years, but Huawei has moved the iPhone manufacturer as the company Samsung has to look. It's eating in its low and mid-range devices, while Samsung also steals the thunder in the flagship plane.

All of this led to Huawei quickly closing the gap to Samsung in terms of shipments. In reality, Counterpoint research's first quarterly report found that the Chinese manufacturer accounted for 17 percent of global smart phone shipments, compared to Samsung's 21 percent. Huawei was 11 percent in the first quarter of the quarter, while Samsung was 22 percent.

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This sentiment was captured by the shell of a firm Canalys. In the first quarter of 2019, Samsung's cargo market share was reported at 22.8%, while Huawei's 18.8%. Back in the first quarter of 2018, Canalys reported market share of 23.6% and 11.7% respectively.

Unfortunately, the recent US trade ban now means it's almost guaranteed. Huawei will not sustain this shipping performance. Whether it is due to delayed smartphone releases due to the ban, networks refuse to carry certain devices Until the saga is over, or consumer panel, it is clear that Huawei will probably not achieve its goal of raising Samsung this year. If you think the Korean company can put its feet and enjoy good sales, it's not that simple.

Make hay while the sun shines

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

Samsung will have to work extra hard during this time to convert sentences that feel Huawei is the uncrowned king waiting to claim his throne. Huawei had a ton of sales momentum before the US delivered the devastating strike. But it's not just about Samsung keeping its number one status, but also proving that it hasn't lost the innovation crown to Huawei.

Samsung seems to be in a better condition in 2019, but it can't afford to drop Huawei under pressure.

Regardless of its checkered past of IP theft claims, Huawei's R&D budget has grown exponentially over the past few years. In fact, the firm is reports Outsourcing Apple in this department and spending $ 15.3 billion last year. Huawei was the first to go to the three rear camera cases with the Huawei P20 Pro, a three-camera camera has been turned on a few months before the other result fits. We've also seen more neat features come to Huawei devices before Samsung, like the latest generation night off, periscope zoom (also available on Oppo's flagship) super fast 40 watt load, and reverse wireless charging.

Huawei P30 Pro Camera Arrangement 1

Meanwhile, Samsung was late for the party with features such as three-camera, larger batteries and a night mode. Some of these late features, such as in-fingerprint sensors and inverted wireless charging, can definitely be excused, as it's probably not yet mature. But it's hard to argue that Samsung has been offering more innovative flagship over the past few years.

Samsung's 2019 products are definitely a step ahead of last year, as it has many features Galaxy S10 series. It is also focused on budgeting devices, launching the Galaxy M series and breath new life Galaxy A series. You just need to have a look at the Galaxy A80 to prove that Samsung can still consume consumers.

The one major lesion is the botched Galaxy Fold launch, but fortunately the company seems to address issues before the devices really get going. Anyway, Samsung must remind everyone why it has become the first one if consumers do not just buy the phones because they have no choice.

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