Samsung Galaxy S10 series now officially available in a rather flashy Cardinal Red (Latest version)

Samsung is no stranger to launching various inquisitive people from his flagship phones in the weeks and months after the initial release. Now it did the same with the Samsung Galaxy S10 series with the previously leaked Cardinal red variant.

The cardinal red color scheme is officially available on Samsung's Swiss website, as seen through the unofficial Samsung_News_ Twitter account. And this is indeed a rather obvious option, as seen in the image above.

The cardinal red option is currently available for the 128GB Galaxy S10 and 128GB Galaxy S10 Plus, according to SamMobile. So, those who want more storage space need to establish a different color path. Looking for a Galaxy S10 in this color? Well, WinFuture reported that the cheapest Galaxy S10 model does get this option soon.

WinFuture adds that the Cardinal Red Samsung Galaxy S10 series will be available across Western Europe. Hopefully, this color scheme will quickly go to more markets.

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