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Samsung Galaxy S3: 7 years later, its iPhone-bashing commercial still works (Latest version)

Well before launching Samsung's latest mobile phone, the Galaxy S10, the company has already made waves in the Android smartphone market. Seven years ago, on May 29, 2012, Samsung officially launched the biggest Android smartphone release Galaxy S3 (or "Galaxy S III"). It was only launched on 29 May in a number of European and Middle Eastern countries before trading in the US and other parts of the world later.

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The phone was an instant and massive sales success. Samsung said it had pre-orders from over 9 million units for the Galaxy S3 before its official launch. In his first 100 days, over 20 million units sold it. In April 2014, the month the Galaxy S4 Samsung said the S3 had sold 50 million units. Eventually the S3 was reported to be a total of 70 million units. That number includes sales of its variants, including the Galaxy S3 Mini and the Galaxy S3 Neo.

Galaxy S3 sales have finally blown off the first two phones in the Samsung Galaxy S series. In hindsight, it's easy to see why. Samsung has not only created a good phone but also an excellent marketing campaign for the device. The campaign was conducted in the US by one of the best smartphone ads ever. Samsung's Galaxy S3 TV ad began to Apple with a funny (and also fairly accurate) look at how the iPhone lacks a number of features found on the S3.

"The headphone jack will be on the bottom"

While Samsung & # 39; s last year ran Apple iPhone attack ads for the launch of the Galaxy S2, the US ad for the Galaxy S3 definitely took hold of things. It showed that Apple fans were waiting in the line for as long as 13 hours to get the latest iPhone at Apple stores (remember when it was a thing?). But the Galaxy S3 owners appeared at these stores and displayed over the larger 4.8-inch screen. The commercial also pointed to the media sharing capabilities of the S3. This includes using the combination of its NFC chip, Wi-Fi Direct and S Beam / Android Beam software so that two owners could touch phones to capture photos, videos, and more content. Share.

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All this slamming of the iPhone has come, even though Apple was in the midst of filing a lawsuit against Samsung, claiming that its previous Galaxy phones had violated Apple's patents. The Galaxy S3 was added to the ongoing litigation later in 2013. It was a pretty big move from Samsung to go to Apple in the middle of the battle. The massive court battle would continue until 2018 when it was finally settled.

Seven years later, the marketing and advertising campaigns for a new Samsung phone are far less confrontational. The new advertisement for the Galaxy S10 has eye-catching quotes from media sales, cool music and not much else. The satirical and fun ads used to promote the Galaxy S2 and S3 seem to be a permanent thing of the past.

"Hey, what have you done now?"

Galaxy S3

While the ads for the Galaxy S3 were definitely effective, the phone itself was also an excellent Android device, even without the iPhone attack ads. In an era where many smartphones had hardly any examples, the Galaxy S3 was highly recommended because its rings were smaller than those found on other phones.

The 8MP rear camera on the Galaxy S3 also features props for its features, including the Burst Mode, which determines owners in rapid succession up to 20 shots from a scene.

But not everything on the phone is widely praised. Many reviewers do not like the plastic material at the back of the phone. Fortunately, Samsung decided to demolish it for glass for its current flagship.

The Galaxy S3 and President Trump

President Donald Trump is on a press podium next to FCC chairman Ajit Pai as Trump delivers a 5G speech to the United States. CNBC

If you still own a Samsung Galaxy S3, you're probably aware that it hasn't received any official security software updates for some time. In early 2017, the problem became the center of a controversy surrounding the current United States president, Donald J. Trump. President Trump likes to use Twitter as a way of communicating with everyone. In 2017, a Democratic US Congressman from California, Ted Lieu, expressed deep concern that the President may use a Galaxy S3 as its main smartphone to post Twitter messages.

Rep. Liu was right to say that using a Galaxy S3 that was not obtained by the US government for official cases would drop the phone and President Trump for cybercrime attacks.

& Nbsp; Some weeks later, White House director of social media, Dan Scavino Jr., indicated that President Trump "has been using his new iPhone over the past few weeks on Twitter." While POTUS could have lowered the Samsung Galaxy S3 for the iPhone, there was no indication whether the real security of the new device had come up.

The Galaxy S3 at seven

The Samsung Galaxy S3 remains one of the largest Android smartphones ever launched in terms of sales. In fact, the only other Android smartphone to beat the S3 in sales will be its immediate successor, the S4, which holds 80 million sales units. We are unlikely to see the type of sales numbers of future Samsung phones, or even any other Android device, for some time.

Did you own a Samsung Galaxy S3 when it was first released? What is your opinion on the S3 if it reaches its seventh birthday? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.