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Samsung has an idea for a roll-up phone display, Galaxy Roll incoming? (Latest version)

Samsung May not be a good start first foldable smartphonebut it still seems to have a flexible display idea to fall back on. Let's go digital (via Gizmodo) recently has Samsung patent For a roll-up smartphone screen, and if you think the Galaxy Fold looks weird, wait until you get a load of this.

The patent shows a device that can seemingly be used as a regular telephone, with something like a 16: 9 screen. However, the user will also be able to unlock the screen, which lights up within the phone's body, to increase its area – possibly with a few inches or so.

The upper part of the screen, which appears to contain a ring with typical smart phone ears, will slide upwards to accommodate the extra screen area.

Samsung Galaxy rolling phone patent images show two designs. Samsung

It's more than just a typical smart phone with a hidden slider mechanism; Additional space in the lower half of the unit seems to be needed to ease the rolling mechanism, where the phone will be the thickest. It is unclear exactly how the unit is moving – either through an automatic system or by manually scrolling the screen – or what it will allow the device to do.

This can offer much the same benefit as the Galaxy Fold: A smart device with a small shape factor that can be expanded for additional functionality. The Galaxy Roll, as we call the potential mobile phone, can maintain a business-friendly size while being retracted, while providing a better media display and multitasking experience.

Samsung Galaxy rolling phone patent images show two designs. Samsung

Let's go digital Note that only the roll-up mechanism is patented, but not the outward-looking smartphone design; It may look completely different if it ever went into production.

Any other interesting sweets?

We come across many smartphone patent entries, but what's interesting about this one is how recent it is. according to Let's go digital, the patent was filed only at the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) at the end of last year: November 28, 2018.

This was after Samsung of the Galaxy Fold for the first time – Presumably, years after Samsung first began to develop it. This suggests that Samsung has already understood the viability of such a flexible display device and still believed the patent could be fruitful. Perhaps what it has learned from the Galaxy Fold development has given it even more confidence in such a product.

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Meanwhile, LG is both design of rolling TV exhibitions and is planning to launch a commercial product with one this year – so technology is already in some capacity.

All that is said, patents do not mean proof of threatening phones. technology companies manufacture thousands of them, and we have announced many folding phone patents before the Galaxy Fold. Yet the Galaxy Fold is finally announced, so who knows what the future holds for this product.

Do you think this Galaxy Roll concept looks better than the Galaxy Fold? Let me know in the comments.