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Samsung official says ‘nothing has progressed’ for Galaxy Fold launch event (Latest version)

According to a nameless Samsung official talking to The Korea Herald, there were no formal preparations for reloading Samsung Galaxy Fold since April, when the company announced the delay of the foldable cellphone launch.

"If we do such a media event this month, we must do something now," said the nameless Samsung employee. "Nothing has progressed since the April delay."

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The official probably refers to the planning of a launch for the device. These events usually take weeks or months to plan and organize. If Samsung is not already in a launch event, it is very unlikely that there will be such an event in June or even July.

So far, Samsung has been using terms like "coming soon" and "coming weeks" when referring to a new launch date for the Galaxy Fold.

If Samsung does not start the device before July, it will have three choices:

  • Start the Galaxy Fold next to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, which we expect to start in early August.
  • Run the Galaxy Fold launch until after Note 10 is launched.
  • Sniff in a launch before the Note 10 event.

Of the three options, the first one seems likely. Samsung may, however, prefer not to have an launch opportunity: it can simply send out a press release and restart the Samsung Galaxy Fold very quietly. If so, it will explain why there are no plans for future launch.

We came out to Samsung for a statement on these questions and will update the article if we return.

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