Screen Attention in Android Q keeps the screen on when you’re looking at it (Latest version)

Are you familiar with Smart Stay, one of Samsung see features that keep the display on when you look at it? XDA-Developers Wednesday reported that Google is running around with something similar Android Q beta 4.

With the name "Screen Attention", the front camera will be used to see what your eyes look like. If you are staring at your screen, the software will know to keep the screen on. However, if you stare in the distance, the show will run out as it would normally be.


Google allegedly still refers internally to Screens attention as Adaptive Sleep, which acted as a placeholder Android Q beta 3.

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According to the strings code found in Android Q beta 4, Screen Attention will be an on-device feature. Images are never saved or sent to Google. The feature will also appear in your device's display settings. On devices running "stock Android" you will check institutions > performance > Screen attention.

Based on Screen Attention's two requirements, the feature can technically work on current work pixel phones. It is possible that Google Screen will announce attention as & # 39; n Pixel 4 feature before it is finally added to previous Pixel phones.

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