Spotify launches its own Pandora competitor, and it ain’t too shabby (Latest version)

Initially available in Australia, Spotify's Pandora esque Stations app is now available in the US. The good news is that the program is pretty good, although Spotify calls it an "experiment".

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Just like Pandora, play music automatically when you open Stations. The large letters of the station names against the single-color background help them to distinguish. Each station has its own background color, although the notification player still accepts the main color of the album art.

You can create stations based on artists or popular playlists in the main Spotify program. You can add or remove artists as well as rename or remove stations and close or exclude similar artists. Keep in mind that you can't add artists to stations based on Spotify playlists.

Screenshot of Spotify's Stations app 1
Screenshot of Spotify's Stations app 2
Screenshot of Spotify's Stations app 3
Screenshot of Spotify's Stations app 4

This was not the only thing I got with the Spotify Stations program. You can't change the quality of the music as you can in the main Spotify program, nor can you swing the song currently playing to get more information. This means you are limited to the small media controls. There is no backwash button, but you have access to thumbs, thumbs down, pause and next cut buttons – at the bottom of the program.

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Not confusing.

Also, Spotify's notification player appears next to the Stations notification player if you have the former program open in the background. An easy solution is to close the Spotify program in the background, but it's just something to look out for.

Even with these peculiarities, Stations is a great app to try out if you're a Spotify fan. The program is visually minimalist but informative, and it remembers your progress in a drive when you jump over them.

You can download the Spotify Stations program from the link below. Premium members get unlimited jumps and ad-free listening, while free users with limited ships and ads are stuck.

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