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Stay safe online with Disconnect VPN — Just $49 for lifetime protection (Latest version)

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Hackers and data miners run on the web. To them, Your personal information is a gold mine which is not only easily accessible but very profitable.

The smartest way to ensure you're always protected is with & # 39; n VPN. Millions of people already use one after stay safe online, so we always keep our eyes peeled for the best deals. Today we emphasize an attractive promotion of Disconnect VPN.

Still not selling the idea? Look at us comprehensive guide to find out why VPNs are so useful.

Disconnect VPN keep you practical anonymous and undetectable Throwing eyes due to its encrypted connection and masked location. You also have secure access to geo-locked services, websites and applications from around the world.

Unlike many VPNs, Disconnect's award-winning service takes it to the next level. Its sophisticated software blocks trackers and malware. It also boasts a potential 44 percent increase in scroll speed while using it 39 percent less bandwidth.

All these impressive things are going through statistics disconnect on the user-friendly interface. You get a handle on how many trackers are prevented and the leaf time you saved.

Innovation Award Winner, Privacy and Security at SXSW Interactive Conference.

On his website, Disconnect VPN Premium is $ 11.99 per month, but with this promotion you can & # 39; lifelong subscription for & # 39; n one-time fee of just $ 49 – This is & # 39; n 90 percent reduction.

If a lifetime is too much of a commitment for you, look at them good transactions on a one, three and five year subscription plan. For example, a one year entry is only $ 19.

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