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Stranger Things mobile RPG coming in 2020, Fortnite crossover in the works (Latest version)

Earlier today, The Walking Dead: Our World developer following games announced A free-to-play puzzle RPG game based on the Stranger Things series. The game is different from the previously announced Stranger Things 3: The Game, which will also begin Android and iOS.

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According to the press release, the free-to-play game will be location-based and feature-based Google Maps integration. You will explore The Upside Down and fight the evils that come from the darker reflection of the real world.

The free to play nature may worry people who do not want it to endanger the rest of the game. However, it seems as if Next Games CEO Teemu Huuhtanen is keeping things in perspective:

Our core focus will be to deliver Stranger Things' rich and intense themes such as friendship and supernatural adventure, and translate it into a snack-size entertainment on your phone.

Next games and Netflix did not disclose game or story details. During & nbsp; E3 2019 panelNetflix director of interactive games, Chris Lee, said the free-to-play Stranger Things game will take on an 1980s Saturday morning cartoon style. It's a stark contrast to the 16-bit style of other Stranger Things games.

Next games' Stranger Things game will arrive on Android and iOS in 2020.

Also announced is a Stranger Things crossover with Fortnite. Lee mocked the crossover during the former E3 2019 panel, while journalist Geoff Keighley, the journalist of the industry, also plagued the crossover. We do not yet know what that entails, but eagle eye Fortnite players may have noticed a Scoops Ahoy action. Fortnite Season 9.

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