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T-Mobile and Sprint may have negotiated a deal with the Justice Department (Latest version)

The latest news about the T-Mobile Sprint merger (via The New York Times) suggests facing an agreement between the country's third and fourth largest carriers and the US Department of Justice.

Finally we heard the DOP rather ridiculous claims of the two wireless carriers in order to approve the merger and the staff of the DOJ order to close the transaction. However, there must be some negotiations because now we have a rumor that the proposed merger may receive GOJ approval next week next week.

The aforementioned claims – including the fact that T-Mobile and Sprint & # 39; create a fourth participant before they merge – look like there's a few. Now, according to people familiar with the case, T-Mobile and Sprint will have to sell Boost Mobile as well as some wireless spectrum.

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If another company were to buy Boost Mobile as well as this spectrum, it could create a new service provider that is much smaller than T-Mobile or Sprint, and certainly combined smaller than the two companies. However, it would apparently make the DOJ's claim to create a fourth service provider clear.

For what it's worth, Amazon reportedly expressed interest in the purchase of Boost Mobile. Reported, T-Mobile and Sprint approach other potential buyers, including Dish Network, Charter, and Altice.

If the OOP approves the T-Mobile Sprint merger, it will be the efforts of 10 recent General Attorneys A lawsuit filed to close the deal. With the FCC already on board and the DOJ expected to get close, that lawsuit could lose its legs.

If the T-Mobile Sprint merger is approved, there will be three major wireless carriers in the United States: Verizon, AT&T, and the new T-Mobile, in descending order from largest to smallest.

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