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T-Mobile is quietly testing its 5G network in New York City (Latest version)

although T-Mobile didn't say when it would start 5G network, Ookla technical evangelist Milan Milanović reported on Twitter earlier today the carrier is testing 5G in New York City.

Use the Speedtest by Ookla app on its Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, Milanović has a download speed of 495.52Mbps and a loading speed of 59.1Mbps. Ping and jitter were reported at 16ms and 7ms respectively.

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On the surface, the reported speed is not as impressive as the gigabit speeds we saw so far with Verizon's 5G network. That said, A separate tweet published today and pulled out of a FCC filing show that T-Mobile is now using 100MHz of 28GHz. This makes the theoretical maximum download speed of T-Mobile's 5G network about 625 Mbps.

Milanović also reported that T-Mobile Manhattan with its 5G network with a "Last" building, "every block or two." If that is true, it's good for how far and fast T-Mobile can cover a dense urban area like New. York City with 5G.

According to T-Mobile, its 5G network will occupy almost two-thirds of the US population with speed at least 100 Mbps. The carrier hopes to increase the average speed 450Mbps by 2024, with some areas that can see download speeds as fast as 4Gbps.

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