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The first major casualty of Huawei’s US ban is a new MateBook (Latest version)

Huawei has a tough time due to the US trade ban on the other hand, if important partners around the world either cancel or judge their relationship with the brand. The firm is able to display the storm and in any case start devices, but we seem to have the first canceled product due to the ban.

Huawei Consumer CEO Richard Yu said CNBC It is an emerging one As Book Laptop is held indefinitely because of the situation. "We can't provide the computer," he said.

Yu said the length of the trade ban would determine whether the company could launch the new MateBook. But he added that it would not be launched if Huawei was on the so-called Entity List for a long time.

Alternatives to Intel, Microsoft?

Huawei MateBook X Pro 2019 vs Matebook X Pro 2019

The MateBook line is heavily dependent on US companies, as Huawei uses Intel's processors and Microsoft & # 39; s Windows 10 as the operating system of choice. One possibility is that Huawei switches to AMDIt's processors, who used them in some laptops before. However, as a US company, AMD is almost certainly subject to the trade ban. Huawei will also have to find alternatives to other US laptop parts.

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Regarding the operating system confrontation, the company may switch to Linux or an Android-derived operating system instead of Windows. But there is no guarantee that users will not buy a MateBook without Windows.

Huawei's smart phone business is not as hard hit as the US trade ban, as the company designs a lot of silicon in these devices (including the modems and Kirin processors). Yet, the new MateBook's sophisticated launch emphasizes the critical situation Huawei is currently experiencing.

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