The Pokémon Company goes Poké-crazy for mobile: Here are the announcements (Latest version)

The Pokémon company held its 2019 press conference tonight, and it was surprisingly filled with many mobile news for Pokémon fans. Let's look at what you can expect from the company in the next year.

Pokémon Home

Picture of the upcoming Pokemon Home cloud service.

First, Pokémon Home, a new cloud service that lets you store and share Pokémon over platforms. The service is compatible with Pokémon Bank on the 3DS, Pokémon Go on Android and iOS, and Pokemon lets us go, sword and shield on the land Nintendo Switch.

Finally, Pokémon Home also lets you trade Pokémon with players around the world, friends and nearby users. The service will debut early in 2020.

Pokémon Sleep and Pokémon Go Plus Plus

Picture of the upcoming Pokemon Sleep app.
Picture of the Pokemon Go Plus Plus device

Next is Pokémon Sleep, an app that plays-ifies sleep. The app keeps track of how much time you go to sleep and when you wake up, which both "affect".

Editor's choice

With that we also learned that Pokémon will use a new device, the Pokémon Go Plus Plus (yes, it's the real name). The device is similar to the existing Pokémon Go Plus in that they can both connect you Pokémon Go, shop & nbsp; inside a Pokémon, earn candy while walking, and watch the nearby Pokéstops and Pokémon.

However, the Pokémon Go Plus Plus also doubles as a sleep monitor. It features an accelerometer and transmits sleep information to your smartphone Bluetooth.

The Pokémon company plans to reveal more details "at a later date." The app starts somewhere in 2020.

Pokémon Masters

Last is Pokémon Masters, which is the closest thing to a "traditional" Pokémon game we've seen on the phone. Pokémon Masters brings a collection of trainers and their main Pokémon out of the long range. Gameplay seems to focus on 3v3 battles, though details at the time of this writing remain extremely slim.

The idea came from Game Freak's Ken Sugimori, who wanted to create a game that includes all previous and current Pokémon trainers of the series.

Gameplay seems to focus on 3v3 battles, although the details remain slim at the time of this writing. That said, the Pokémon company will talk more about Pokémon masters somewhere in June.

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