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This now-deleted Nokia Mobile Instagram post isn’t so bright (Latest version)

Auto-brightness is a feature available on pretty much every cellphone out there so your phone screen brightness can change depending on the environment light. It has been available for years. It is not very exciting, and it looks like someone Nokia trademark license holder HMD Global decided to make a big deal of it, but forgot how it worked.

Redditor u / estekwellek spotted & # 39; A Instagram ad through the Nokia Mobile MENA (Middle East and North Africa) account. The ad gives us a look at how auto brightness works on a Nokia phone, but someone has made a mistake. Check out the GIF below to see if you can see the error.


Yes, the Nokia phone's screen becomes brighter when the nearby light is off, and drops when the light is turned on again. In other words, the clip suggests that your eyes will become bright when you go to bed. It also suggests you struggle to see what is on the screen in direct sunlight.

The ad has since been removed by the account holder, but hopefully everyone who approved the clip has forced their phone's brightness slider to look at different lighting conditions. What do you think of the drawn ad? Give us your thoughts below!

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