This week in Android: Huawei’s never-ending woes (Latest version)

The big news this week was actually the fall of Trump's decision Add Huawei to the well-known entity list last week. The dominoes started falling Google pulled in Huawei's access to Android on Sunday. Since then, Qualcomm, Intel, arm, the SD Association, the Wi-Fi Alliance, and others cut links with the Chinese company to comply with US law. Keep the whole story in our handy Huawei vs. the Trump administration timeline.

It didn't stop Huawei releasing the release Honor 20 Pro, which offers an excellent experience for an excellent price. However, the jury is still in progress whether you need to buy a Huawei phoneas they are only guaranteed receive updates until August 29.. It can all blow over as A trade agreement was previously hammered, but at the moment everything is unclear.

In other news, we have our first look at Xiaomi's Redmi Note 7S, which is a promising device in the middle of it Note 7 rule. We also need the Fxtec Pro1, A phone with a controversial throwback feature: a physical QWERTY keyboard.

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