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This week in Apple: The top news from Android’s main competitor (Latest version)

Rumor-based delivery from the iPhone 11 (or iPhone XI, maybe).


Welcome to a new series Android Authority which gives an overview of the latest news related to Android's primary rival, Apple. It's an easy way for Android fans to stay abreast of what's happening in mobile outside the Android world.

This week in Apple news there is the possibility that it will retire one of its most iconic products. We also saw how the company is being addressed in a new privacy process as well as dealing with Google's insinuation that Apple justifies privacy as a luxury asset. We also heard interesting rumors about the 2019 iPhones, the 2020 iPhones, and what could be announced at WWDC 2019 (starting Monday). Oh yes, and there is A new iPod Touch. Really.

See the roundup below for all the latest!

Last week's top Apple news stories:

  • Surprise! New iPod Touch is for sale: Apple has dropped a surprising upgrade to the iPod Touch. It now has an A10 fusion chip and a new 256GB storage option. An entry-level touch will reset you $ 200while costing a maxed-out model $ 400. And yes, this still has a headphone jack.
  • No more iTunes? according to A new rumor, Apple can discard iTunes in the next version of MacOS, which is expected to debut on Monday. We have previously heard that the company will break up iTunes in other apps, but it may seem like the end of the iTunes brand.
  • 2019 iPhones can finally get dual Bluetooth support: Our Android users have been enjoying it for quite some time, but it seems likely that iOS users will eventually have the ability to use two Bluetooth devices at the same time on an iPhone. This will enable two people to connect to one phone and listen to music at the same time.
  • 2019 iPhones may not have 3D Touch: There is a rumor that the touch-sensitive touch feature on iPhones – sold as 3D Touch – can be go away. Instead, Haptic Touch can take its place in the coming 2019 iPhones. This feature already exists on the iPhone XR.
  • System wide dark can come with iOS 13: We expect Apple to fall IOS 13 by WWDC On Monday. Although nothing is known for sure, Apple seems likely to launch A system wide dark mode for iOS at that event. Looks like Apple will beat Android to the punch on that one.
  • 2020 iPhones can have fingerprint sensor under the entire screen: According to analysts Speaking with the Apple Supply Chain, the 2020 iPhones will have "acoustic fingerprint technology", which will allow for the full-screen Touch ID. Android's already beaten Apple in the punch with in-frame sensors, but if Apple lets it work on the screen, it'll be pretty cool.
  • Apple has privacy issues: & # 39; N New lawsuit filed against Apple claims the company is finding and selling iTunes data despite Tim Cook's claims against the contrary. And in related news, Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, has cast a little shadow on Apple to make privacy in "luxury stuff". Apple Software Engineer Craig Federighi dispute that assumption.
  • Apple launches new website to counter monopoly claims: With numerous developer complaints as well as a lawsuit (received the Supreme Court's blessing) calling the Apple App Store as a monopoly, the company responded A new website explain how this is not so. This indicates buying programs that compete against their own programs as an example.

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