Three to launch “UK’s fastest 5G network” this August (Latest version)

Three UK announced that he would launch it 5G network this August in London. In a press release Android Authority Receiving via email, Three said it would initially start its 5G network as a home broadband service, rolling out home and mobile broadband options in 25 towns and cities before the end of 2019.

We don't know what places this year will be, but Three is developing 5G infrastructure in Cardiff, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool. It will probably hit one or more of these sites.

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As for the network itself, Three suggests that peak mobile speed on its 5G network will be twice as fast as the competition, as well as a "reliable connection and experience." Three allegations can provide this with the support of the 140MHz newly acquired 5G spectrum, which includes a 100MHz adjacent block.

"This market-leading spectrum portfolio, along with investment in high-capacity smart antennas, will deliver the fastest 5G network in the UK," Three wrote in his press release.

What is behind the claims?

Three's acquisition of a 100MHz adjacent network block was contentious, although the IEC regulations authority Ofcom said it did not give the company an unfair advantage. Useful as it may be, Android AuthorityRob Triggs's resident technical writer tends to say it's not the best, all in the pursuit of a superior 5G connection.

"A nearby 100MHz block is a triumph for Three's future capacity and speed, but it's far from the whole picture," Triggs told me. "4G remains the building block for 5G, and carriers will collect the spectrum over existing and new tires to improve their speed. For example, EE currently spends three for speed and maintains a much higher total spectrum for greater overall capacity Three can definitely make the gap and may even catch up with the speed of its rivals, but we have to judge until 5G networks are clogged with millions of users over a few years. "

We're still waiting for more details about Three's plans, including pricing and compatible devices, but we'll let you know when we learn more. What are your first thoughts on rolling out? Let me know in the comments.

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