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Trump signs order effectively banning Huawei telecom equipment in US (Latest version)

President Donald Trump has signed an executive order prohibiting the use of telecommunications equipment from foreign firms as a national security risk.

According to an extract from the executive order, Trump has declared a national emergency because of the threat posed by foreign telecommunications equipment. The command mentions the risk of sabotage on communication, general national security risks, and the risk for critical infrastructure and the digital economy.

The executive order does not mention Huawei or China at all, but CNN reports that the Huawei Huawei Department of Commerce added on a so-called "Entity List" following the order. This list is reported for companies that believe the US government is undermining US interests. according to Reuters, it means that Huawei is prohibited from obtaining parts and components of US companies without the approval of the US Government.

Huawei responds to executive orders

Huawei also responded to the move and said it would leave the US behind 5G.

"To limit Huawei to doing business in the US will not make the US safer or stronger; instead, it will only serve to limit the US to inferior but more expensive alternatives, leaving the US in 5G deployment, "the company said in a statement. Android Authority.

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Officials have refused to confirm whether the government will help pay for the removal of existing Huawei equipment. The officials did not explain what kind of punishment would be thrown to companies that also violated the order.

News of the executive order also comes after the Chinese firm said it was prepared to sign No-spy agreements with governments. The agreements would apparently make Huawei legally responsible for preventing other countries from pruning with their equipment.

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