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Uber could soon let you request your favorite drivers for future trips (Latest version)

One of the few drawbacks Uber is that the service does not allow you to travel with a specific driver. This is especially annoying if you are well-versed in managing a driver or just worrying about your safety.

Fortunately, developer and serial leaker Jane Wong has shown evidence that the company is indeed testing a solution. Wong went to Twitter to place a screenshot of a "Add as Favorite" button in the Uber app.

The screenshot also reveals that adding a manager as a favorite can drive you along with them on future trips. However, we wonder how the feature will work, especially in situations where your favorite Uber driver is not available. Presumably, the app will be standard to pick the nearest available driver, but we will have to wait and see.

However, this is quite a big problem for Uber, as it gives both drivers and passengers peace of mind that they probably won't fit in with dangerous people. The feature is not yet available or confirmed by Uber, but Wong has a good record anyway.

Previous Uber updates

Uber Vouchers

April 9, 2019: Uber launched a new proposal called Uber Vouchers, which enabled businesses to offer discounts or free travel via the app. Companies will be able to purchase rides in bulk from Uber and send it to users as vouchers within the app (or email) which can then be redeemed.

Examples given by Uber include restaurants that offer safe rides at home to customers and complementary rides to places of theaters and theaters. Uber Vouchers are available in most cities where Uber operates worldwide.


October 30, 2018: Uber added a new feature and product called Ride Pass. Starting at $ 14.99 a month, the pass allows Uber users who regularly have a route – like a shuttle to work – pay a fixed amount for unlimited rides in specific cities.

Ride Pass is now rolling out the app and is available in Los Angeles, Miami, Denver, Austin and Orlando, with more cities expected in the near future.

Count messages and spotlight

July 16, 2018: Uber adds some new features to the Uber program to help drivers and riders find each other. Adding messages can now be sent to drivers to give extra detail and are then read aloud to the driver. The Spotlight feature lets your phone appear in a certain color so drivers can select the user from a crowd. The specific color is transferred directly to the driver so they know what color to watch when the phone is stopped.

Venmo support

July 12, 2018: Uber added Venmo as a payment method in the Uber app (and Uber Eats). In addition to Venmo as a pay-in program for programs, Uber and Venmo also designed exclusive emojis for the service. Venmo support in the US is expected to roll out in the next few weeks.

Uber Lite

June 12, 2018: Uber released a new app on the Play Store called Uber Lite. The well-rounded app is intended for emerging markets such as India, where lower specification phones are much more common. Uber Lite weighs just 5 MB and is designed to use less mobile data. The regular Uber app is still available as well as Uber Lite.

911 "panic button"

May 29, 2018: Uber is running a new "panic button" feature in the Uber program. The button (which calls only 911) is in a new section of the app called the Security Center.

If you were to drive in a Uber and had to call 911, you would just open the app and upload it to the Security Center icon. There you will see an option called "911 Assistance". Typing it will display a message asking if you are sure you want to dial 911. Pushing that notification will call your phone for help.

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