We asked, you told us: Most aren’t buying 5G phones until networks are ready (Latest version)

After a few years of hype and speculation left 5G networks, carriers slowly roll out the new service. At the same time, Qualcomm made 5G modems available, and manufacturers are already starting to put the hardware into their phones.

Now that a handy 5G compatible phones is available for purchase, we wanted to know if you were planning to upgrade to access the faster network. Here's what to say.

Will you upgrade your phone just to get one with 5G?

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According to the majority of more than 24 thousand people who voted this week's polls on the yard and Youtube, 5G networks are not ready yet. As many commentators said, 5G service is currently only available in hyper-specific areas within a handful of cities.

If we use it 4G and LTE As an example, it was almost a decade since carriers began rolling out the service. Today, most areas are widely covered, but there are still large areas where you will be happy to see even a 3G signal. As history tends to repeat itself, we'll be happy to see a decent percentage of highly populated areas, offering 5G within the next two to three years.

Editor's choice

Therefore, I have to agree with most of those who voted in this week's vote. Stop buying now a 5G phone. First adopters will be able to show how fast the network is at a speed test, but they will probably not see a real advantage for a few years.

Striking comments

Here are some of the best comments from last week's polls explaining why they voted the way they voted:

  • I'm sure there will be 5G in my neck for at least another five years. I'm still trading with 4G dead spots on a daily basis.
  • 4g is fast enough. What do you need 5g? Help with networking?
  • I have the Moto Z3 Play, so I can consider the Moto Mod as soon as 5G becomes more widespread.
  • Home broadband disposal got rid of nearly 6 months ago. LTE is missing in my house. I hope 5G will give me the extra speed to clean things up. I'll even mount a signal booster on the roof to do it. Hope to see an Android One with an X55 5G modem in it. Or even next year Pixel 4a, assuming it is 5G. I'm not going to pay premium prices for 5G.
    Editor's choice
  • How about a phone that can really go all day without first downloading it? My 4G can't get close to the promised speed, so what makes you think the 5G will be better. Sounds like a gym for me.
  • Yes. After the network is real, the data packets are modified to accommodate the increased speed, and an actual usage case is identified. So .. Maybe 2023?
  • Are there many examples where early adopters of new technology are rewarded more than those of us who wait until the new technology is ready for the first time or mature?

It's for this week, everyone. As always, thank you for the voice, thank you for the comments, and don't forget to let us know what you thought of the results below.

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