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What are Airbnb Experiences exactly? Everything you need to know (Latest version)

Airbnb is a very popular way of renting rooms, apartments and homes around the world, but nowadays it has deviated from its roots. What used to be a unique local experience has made way for profitable businesses that feel more like hotels than a real person's home.

To regain the local flare, Airbnb's experiences in 2017 have been launched. It ranges from craft workshops to local cooking classes to horse yoga sessions, with the goal of giving you something while traveling.

What is Airbnb Experience?

Airbnb Experiences is an activity-centered expansion of Airbnb's traditional rental business. Guests pay a private individual through the platform to take part in certain experiences with local hosts.

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Anyone who has been using Airbnb knows that your host can make or break the trip. The company even harder on these faithful individuals to provide even more meaningful experiences – in exchange for more money from clients.

Not anything can qualify as an Airbnb experience. The activity should be on hand or immersive, led by a knowledgeable host with a unique perspective and access to a special place or community. That said, not all Airbnb Experiences are equal, so make sure you review reviews before booking.

What are some examples of Airbnb Experiences?

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Airbnb Experiences are loosely divided into four groups: arts and entertainment, classes and workshops, food and drink, and health and well-being. The specific activities themselves are based not only on the local culture, but also on the specific host.

Airbnb Experiences are limited only by the creativity of its hosts.

You can navigate to a hidden beach in Hawaii, learn how to make traditional pottery in Mexico, or to cook real Italian food in Sicily. If you just want to hang around with locals, join a bar or night at the coolest places in town.

There are even photographers to rent portraits in a city's most beautiful places away from tourists. View to your social media friends or grab a murder photo for your resume.

Airbnb Experiences are limited only by the creativity of its hosts. Jump on Airbnb and see what's available on your next trip or in the city you live in!

Can I offer an Airbnb experience?

Of course! You don't need to have a room on the platform to provide an experience. However, you will need to submit your ideas as well as photo's and other details. This will then be reviewed to make sure it meets the quality standards. Once approved, you can set up your schedule and prices.

Airbnb will cover 20 percent of each booking, which includes payment processing, customer service and liability insurance. Make sure you consider it when you set up your experience. You also need to check local laws to find out if you need a business license or insurance.

Management from an Airbnb experience can be a rewarding and lucrative sidecar. Do you have a great idea for a fun activity? Click the link below to find out more about starting your own.

This is all for this guide for Airbnb experience. What do you think of Airbnb's latest travel business? Let us know in the comments below!