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Why leave Gmail to get things done? Dynamic email is coming to all Gmail users next month (Latest version)

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Dynamic email can be one of the most useful supplements Gmail In recent years, allowing you to fill in forms and more right in your email window. now, Google announced that the feature will be available to all users from July, after a beta period earlier this year.

The company has the announcement via its G Suite Updates blog, which reveals that the feature will be "widely available" from July 2nd. So what exactly does this feature do?

Dynamic email allows you to take action within an email message itself, such as answering an event, completing a recording, & # 39; browse and respond to comments. The technology is built on the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) framework, a web site technology that delivers fast, fast charging on smartphones and tablets.

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Apart from being more convenient than visiting a website, it is also theoretically safer because Google has to use veterinarians before they can benefit from the feature. Some of the more prominent companies that receive approval include, Pinterest, a Doodle.

The feature will be enabled by default from July 2, but you need the & # 39; Display external images & # 39; Activate if you have not already done so. Don't care about the feature? Then you can disable it via settings> dynamic email.

Dynamic email is currently available on the web, but Google says it will soon be available on the phone. "What else do you want to see in Gmail? Let us know in the comments!

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