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With Huawei’s and Samsung’s current troubles, is the foldable phone trend cursed? (Latest version)

After years and years of rumors, patent evidence and promises, 2019 was supposed to be the year a foldable smartphone with a flexible display would eventually go mainstream. Two of the world's largest telephone makers, Samsung and Huawei, have both announced plans to launch foldable phones: the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X.

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In just the last few weeks, the foldable phone seems to be in trouble – for reasons we couldn't have predicted, when both of these devices were first revealed. After reports of displays failures on the Galaxy Fold from some media sales hit the internet in late April, along with bumps appearing under the screen, Samsung announced the planned April 26 from the phone. So far, the company has announced a new release date for the Galaxy Fold.

Huawei Mate X Folded Screen with Dgit and Android Authority Split

The people at Huawei had to be happy when Samsung announced the delay. It seems to make way for Mate X to beat the Galaxy Fold-to-Market. What Huawei didn't expect was the US government blacklist this meant last week that US businesses could not provide hardware or software for Huawei devices.

Google said on Monday it would meet with the US government's order. While the US Commerce Department allowed Google and other companies to offer software updates for current Huawei products Until August 19, the exception does not currently cover future devices, which will include the Mate X.

While Huawei allegedly works on his own mobile operating system, it may not be ready for new devices, up to this fall. There is also no word if this operating system will work with foldable phones. This is something Google already added to Android. Huawei may not be able to provide that kind of extra functionality in the Mate X for its upcoming operating system.

Is the foldable phone curse?

The Samsung foldable phone.

These developments are just the latest in the rather difficult history of trying to bring foldable phones. Samsung and other companies have shown prototypes of these devices for literal years, but it seems that creating these types of devices with a foldable display on a large scale has been difficult until recently.

Even now, some worry about the plastic foldable displays of the Galaxy Fold and the Mate X won't last very long. To be honest, both Samsung and Huawei claim results from their test labs show the flexible display on the Galaxy Fold and the Mate X should last for a few years. However, as most people may know, conditions in a laboratory are very different from the real world. People can always create situations that cannot be tested or even predicted in the lab, as we have seen with the display errors in some of the review Galaxy Fold units.

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Work has been done to create foldable glass displays, but no word when available. Corning, makers of the tough Gorilla Glass exhibits found on so many smartphones, have it prototypes of flexible glass screens working in his labs, but we may have to wait a while before they will be placed in future smartphones.

Of course, as we mentioned earlier, no one could have predicted the fate of Mate X would be compromised by a US government ban on Huawei. This is the kind of leftfield development that unfortunately became part of the foldable phone trend.

What about the Motorola RAZR folding phone?

An apparent Motorola RAZR leak. Slashleaks

With the Galaxy Fold and Mate X currently in limbo, the only other foldable phone that can be released in the near future is the Motorola RAZR. Even that phone experienced its own delays. The phone, which is supposed to have a clamshell design like the original classic RAZR mobile phone, was only reported in January by The wall street journal, which added that it could be sold early in February.

That time frame came and went with such an announcement. for MWC 2019, Motorola VP of Global Product Dan Dery said the company "did not intend to enter the market later than everyone else" when it came to the foldable phone trend. Motorola doesn't seem to be in a hurry to start a competitive device anymore. In May, Motorola's parent company Lenovo delivered a video showing what is said to be the collapsible RAZR phone to some media members. As it turns out, that video is usually made by a fan, which was not previously contacted by the company for the use of its creation.

It's late May, and we have no idea when Motorola will announce, much less release, the collapsible RAZR smartphone. It's possible that it has decided to test the phone for a while longer, so it doesn't have the same problems Samsung got with the Galaxy Fold.

Has LG had the right idea?

Perhaps we had to listen more carefully to other company's tasks. LG has been working on his own foldable exhibitions for quite some time, and it was supposed to shows its own foldable phone prototype early in 2019 at CES. But in February, the company A statement issued says it has not seen a favorable market for an expensive, first-foldable smartphone. "

Based on what we now know, LG was having trouble displaying durability when testing its own foldable cell phone prototype and deciding it was not the time to release such a device. Indeed, recently, Lenovo announced plans to load a Windows-based laptop with a foldable flexible screen, with the screen made by LG. But that product will not even come out by 2020.

In the end you don't have to rush

In a previous comment, we noticed how Samsung No need to rush to beat Huawei in the foldable phone call. Now that Huawei can have its own delay for the Mate X, and there is no telling when Motorola will launch its RAZR mobile phone, it's more important than ever that Samsung take its time and make sure the Galaxy Fold isn't having trouble. In fact, Samsung should just go on and on waiting for Android Q to install in his first foldable phone.

As far as Huawei's situation is concerned, the current trade war between China and the USA may be cooling off. Huawei will again get access to Android in its future phones. However, we will not soon be betting on that event. It looks like Huawei's foldable phone plans for Mate X are in flux, much like his entire smart phone business.