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Xiaomi and Redmi are looking to dominate in 2019 (Latest version)

In an interview with Sina Tech published earlier today, Redmi General Lu Weibing was not ashamed of how Xiaomi and redmi plans to aggressively expand its operations in 2019.

According to Weibing, Redmi plans to increase its investment in Europe and India. Currently, the top four smart phone manufacturers in Europe is Samsung, Apple, Huawei and Xiaomi. In India, the top four are smartphone companies Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo and Oppo.

Interestingly, Weibing claimed that Xiaomi could acquire 50 percent of the smartphone market in India. This will be a significant leap on the 29% market share that Xiaomi currently in Indiabut not quite impossible. In March, Xiaomi reported selling it 200,000 Redmi Note 7 units in a matter of minutes.

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Weibing also said Redmi will focus on Latin American and African markets during the year, with plans to enter Eastern, West and Central African markets this year. As in other areas, Redmi will be online only in African markets and use a similar ecommerce strategy. This means many flash sales for African residents.

Unfortunately, Weibing does not mention expansion to the United States. Xiaomi talked Entering the US market, but the country's continuing trade war with China and China problems with Huawei the company can think twice about such a move.

Android Authority Issue to Xiaomi for comment on Weibing's interview, but did not receive a response through press time.

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