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Xiaomi Mi 9 with under-display camera is a glimpse of the future (video) (Latest version)

Xiaomi Product Manager Donovan Sung has a Xiaomi Mi 9 prototype containing a sub-display selfie camera. The prototype appears in a video placed on Twitter Earlier today, offers a side-by-side comparison of the device and what looks like a regular Xiaomi Mi 9.

The two phones look almost identical, although the core prototype only contains the perimeter of a camera buried under its display (labeled in the picture above). In the video, a person unlocks the two phones and makes the same program on both – indicating that they are functionally the same – before opening the Mi 9 camera application on the prototype device and taking a selfie .

View the action below:

Below display, in development

A number of Android OEMs are known to work on among display smartphone cameras and are expected to be featured on commercial Android flagship within the next two years. Oppo just showed a sub camera design earlier todaywhile Samsung's phones are typed to come with the technology 2020 at the earliest.

This technology is considered better than the camera angle and in-bezel camera, as it allows more usable space in the display area. As shown by recent Xiaomi video, the under-impression camera does not affect what appears on the screen – it just works like a normal screen. We do not yet know if the technology affects the touch sensitivity of the screen.

Samsung Developer Conference Notch Displays

Samsung has already shown Inifinity-O with punch-hole cameras. These are the following Infinity screens set up among display cameras.

A Xiaomi Mi 9 with a screen camera will be a welcome addition to the Android smartphone world, but Xiaomi probably won't just give it a general release. However, Xiaomi showed the technology's viability, which means we can see it in the near future at a phone – perhaps the Mi 10 in 2020.

Otherwise, the Mi Mix 4, which will take place later this year, has an "outside" on an under-impression camera – the original Mi Meng was known for pushing the injured-less screen design forward. It will make sense for Xiaomi to test the underwater cameras on & # 39; a mix device.

What do you think of the Mi 9 prototype? Let me know in the comments.

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