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Xiaomi Mi Band 4 leak hints at color display, 20% bigger battery than Mi Band 3 (Latest version)


We have experienced many Xiaomi Mi Band 4 rumors, including licking, specifications, and even some suspect actual photo's. Although we do not know exactly when it will start, today we got our hands on some more potential Mi Band 4 photo's and details via MySmartPrice.

The fitness band design looks similar to that of the Mi Band 3, with the Mi Band 4 seemingly with an oval display area such as its predecessors. However, it seems that the series' concave, circular button of the new model has dropped for a less conspicuous capacitive button.

In addition, it seems that Xiaomi may have dropped the traditional monochrome Mi Band in favor of color screen. Take a look at the new photo's next to each other.

Two leaks, side by side, show the Xiaomi Mi Band 4. MySmartPrice

MySmartPrice also suggest that the Mi Band will contain a 135mAh battery from the 110mAh battery in the Mi Band 3 (see below). Although it looks just like a slight upgrade, the extra 25mAh will represent an overall 20% increase in battery size. It's not bad, as Xiaomi has to work within these compact tires. The Mi Band 3's battery life was also one of its highlights.

Other Mi Band 4 rumors we've heard thanks to superior connectivity thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 support, and a separate Mi Band 4 variant that includes NFC. This probably means that the fitness tracker makes contactless payments via Mi Pay in India and China, and a faster connection to wireless devices everywhere. MySmartPrice also says the group will receive support for Xiaomi's Xiao AI digital assistant.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 on a person's wrist.

If all this speculation is accurate, the Mi Band 4 will undoubtedly be a huge success in terms of hardware. As underlined in us Mi Band 3 reviewHowever, this is probably the software experience that needs the most improvement in the Mi Bands – and we still know little about how it is on Band 4.

There is no new word at the Mi Band 4's potential prize, but with a better performance and connectivity it will probably cost more than its predecessor; you look at $ 30 to $ 40 for the Mi Band 3 on Amazon these days. The Mi Band 4 model with NFC was previously typed to cost 499 yuan (~ $ 72).

The Mi Band 4 is expected to start later in 2019. Until it's here, you can see what we think best fitness trainers 2019 at the link.

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