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YouTube will remove thousands of videos that contain extreme views (Latest version)

Youtube announced plans today Thousands of videos and channels that remove neo-Nazi lawyer, white rule, and other extreme views.

according to Youtube, it takes a triangular approach to the matter. First, the site will prohibit supremacists and other extremists advocating segregation or exclusion based on age, gender, race, caste, religion, sexual orientation or veteran status. YouTube will also remove video disclaimers from "well-documented violent events" such as Sandy Hook and 9/11.

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Secondly, YouTube will expand efforts to reduce the spread of "border content and harmful information", which includes video on negligent cures and the flat earth claim. Instead, it will recommend video from more authoritative sources, such as top news channels.

Thirdly, YouTube will limit video monetization if video is found to be repeatedly brushing [YouTube’s] hate speech policies. "Channels that violate the policy will not be able to manage ads or use Super Chat.

This last point is especially timely, as Vox journalist Carlos Maza this week publicly complained of harassment of conservative commentator Steven Crowder. According to Maza, Crowder used slurry about his ethnicity and sexual orientation. YouTube has determined that Crowder has not violated its policy and consequently it will don't act against his channel.

The policy changes will come into force today, while maintaining enforcement which will "ramp up" the next few days.

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